Crystal Stilts – “Star Crawl”

We last heard from morose Brooklyn postpunkers Crystal Stilts when they released 2011’s Radiant Door EP, and now they’re set to follow it up with a new album called Nature Noir. If first single “Star Crawl” is any indication, they’ve been spending the past two years getting really into ’60s psych, and the result is a spacier, slower, more languid tune, one way less chilly than what they were doing before (though they still sound perpetually bummed in some ineffable way). Listen to “Star Crawl” and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Spirit In Front Of Me”
02 “Star Crawl”
03 “Future Folklore”
04 “Sticks And Stones”
05 “Memory Room”
06 “Worlds Gone Weird”
07 “Darken The Door”
08 “Electrons Rising”
09 “Nature Noir”
10 “Phases Forever”

Nature Noir is out 9/17 on Sacred Bones. [Photo by The Impossible Project.]