Arctic Monkeys – “2013”

Arctic Monkeys will release their next studio album AM in September. We’ve already heard its first single “Do I Wanna Know?” but our next offering from the UK band is this non-album cut “2013.” Its a lightweight psych cut that ruminates on technology in the most grandfatherly way. Alex Tuner sings, “on the back of a transmitter / there’s a little tiny fruit / and it’s coming after you” about Apple products, as well as makes reference to Twitter and Instagram obsessions as if containing them is out of human control. He also sings about flying cars and time machines, as if they are already here and being used, but I haven’t seen them. Another curiosity is the hook: “It’s two thousand and thirteen / all across the galaxy.” I am a blog scientist, not an astronomer, but I am pretty sure that is not true. But where it lacks in technological confidence, it makes up in noodling guitar jams. Check it out below.

AM is out 9/10 via Domino.