E-40 – “All My Niggas” (Feat. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q)

Bay Area rap godfather and inveterate weirdo E-40 might be the most universally respected elder-statesman figure in all of rap right now, and his productivity has, if anything, increased as he’s advanced deeper into middle age. At this point, he can work with just about any rapper he feels like working with, so let’s credit him with having the sharp instincts to line up guest-verses from two blustery, idiosyncratic blog-rap all-stars in Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q. Both of them show up on “All My Niggas,” a new synthetic slap, and all three guys rap real hard. Listen to the track below.

“All My Niggas” is set for E-40’s next set of Block Brochure albums, and he could release like five of those this year.