Stream Height With Friends Versus Dynamic Sounds

The indie-rap veteran Dan Keech, who records as Height, is a frequent Dan Deacon tourmate and a fixture on Baltimore’s DIY scene; he’s also the guy who convinced me that Three 6 Mafia’s Da Unbreakables is pretty much the hardest-hitting album ever made. Last year, with his crew Height With Friends, Keech released the very good album Rock And Roll, and we posted his “I Can’t Stand To Be Refused” and his “Sugar” video. And now he’s following it up with a concept piece: An album called Versus Dynamic Sounds that he calls a “period piece.” The album has a bunch of old-school rap routines written by Keech and recorded with his friends, and it recreates the all-out looseness of the late ’70s and early ’80s live tapes of groups like the Cold Crush Brothers. That doesn’t mean it’s a Jurassic 5 move, though; it’s more about the inventiveness required to record an entire punchline-packed story-song about moving through space and time, as Keech does on “Infinity Ballroom ’82 (The Penultimate Rap).” Keech tells me that this is the third in a three-album series made in this style. The album has contributions from people like CX Kidtronik and Grand Buffet’s Lord Grunge, and the whole thing is streaming below. Give it a shot.

Versus Dynamic Sounds is out 8/3.