Superchunk – “Staying Home” Video

Superchunk’s new I Hate Music manages to be a gut-punch and a fist-pump all at once. It’s among the year’s most emotionally resonant records, an all-time great indie band finding fresh life by reflecting on death. Although “Staying Home” is about the surest sign your youth is slipping away — opting for an evening in instead of going out for the night — it’s among the album’s most youthful energy bursts, racing to the finish in under two minutes on the back of some exceptionally chipper hardcore bombast. Taiyo Kimura’s egg-splattering, brain-brushing, toilet-feasting video for the song is appropriately juvenile and a whole lot of fun. Watch it below.

I Hate Music is out now on Merge, and if you don’t check it out soon we’re going to start to wonder if you actually do hate music.