Stream RJD2 More Is Than Isn’t + “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” Video

Around the turn of the millennium, RJD2 made his name with a flurry of grimy yet colorful hip-hop productions for powerhouse backpacker hip-hop labels like Fondle ‘Em and Rawkus. That rise culminated in his crowning as DJ Shadow’s heir apparent circa 2002 debut LP Deadringer on Def Jux, the reigning underground hip-hop label at the time. In the decade-plus since then, Ramble John Krohn has experimented with all kinds of aesthetics, some more rewarding than others; he even tried ’70s singer-songwriter pop on for size. But from the sounds of early singles “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” and the Phonte Coleman collab “Temperamental,” RJ’s forthcoming More Is Than Isn’t finds the Philly-via-Columbus producer getting back to his signature Deadringer sound without completely forgoing the creative wanderlust that has marked his career since then. Now we can test that thesis by streaming the whole thing at Rolling Stone.

RJ also recently released No Your City’s video for “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request,” which features three street dancers strutting their stuff to the track’s globetrotting breakbeats. Watch it below.

More Is Than Isn’t is out 10/8 on RJD2’s own RJ’s Electrical Connections label. Pre-order it at Amazon and iTunes.