Cut Copy – “Free Your Mind” Video (Feat. Alexander Skarsgård)

Free Your Mind” is the title track from the new album by the great Australian dance-rock band Cut Copy. It is, sadly, not an En Vogue cover, or probably even an En Vogue reference. (Was En Vogue even a thing in Australia? Man, I hope so.) It is, however, an absolutely gorgeous piece of shimmering, conga-driven synthpop, and now it has the grand music-video treatment it deserves. Alexander Skarsgård plays a towering, flaxen-haired, bare-chested cult-leader type at some sort of new-agey compound. He’s got the worship of all his subordinates, but he’s also got a vague and ineffable sense of longing. Watch it below.

Free Your Mind is out 11/1 on Modular. Check also the Fort Romeau remix.