Tyler, The Creator – “Tamale” Video

Last night, Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator posted what’s become the latest in a long string of antic, colorful, juvenile-as-fuck music videos, videos that couldn’t be further removed from the cold and mesmerizing simplicity of his career-making “Yonkers” video. This one is for “Tamale,” the goofiest song on his album Wolf, and it’s got cameos from Pharrell and various members of Odd Future and Trash Talk. Tyler wilds out on a golf course, in a swimming pool, and on a woman’s gigantic trampoline buttcheeks. He also wears Dave Chappelle whiteface. As the video ends, it turns into a clip for the song “Answer,” and the tone switches abruptly, as Tyler offers some real talk to his dad. Tyler directed the video under his own Wolf Haley alias, and you can watch it below.

Wolf is out now on Odd Future Records.