Mary Lou Lord, Courtney Love Disagree On Which Of Them Is A Cat Killer

Mary Lou Lord

Mary Lou Lord, Courtney Love Disagree On Which Of Them Is A Cat Killer

Mary Lou Lord

The underrated Boston indie singer-songwriter Mary Lou Lord dated Kurt Cobain before Cobain married Courtney Love, and so you’ll be absolutely shocked to discover that Love and Lord don’t much like each other. Mostly, Love has been the aggressor, talking shit on Lord in interviews throughout the ’90s, while the way-less-famous Lord has been silent. But now Lord has aired out Love in an epic since-deleted Facebook post. The details:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, what set Lord off was Love’s cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen,” which Lord did not like: “It was crap because it wasn’t HONEST. She didn’t even know the words.”

But Lord had more to say:

I also feel that I have the right to call them like I see/hear them with this woman. There were many times she slammed the shit out of me in public for apparently no reason, saying things that were untrue….One of which was (and this is just SICK thinking in itself), that I had killed the family cat. She said that I had snuck onto their porch (she and Kurt’s porch), and killed the cat by sticking a syringe in its eye and breaking its neck!

Many of her stupid salivating followers actually believed her, which caused me to have to shake off her sick sycophants who would give me endless amounts of shit and stalk me…I’ve never said mean things about her-nor do I really give a shit. But this performance brought my claws out and I must say, gave me pleasure at the same time…knowing that she’s now finally reached the apex of total crapola.

Lord also brought up the charge that Love had killed her daughter’s pets:

I think it’s ironic how 2 yrs ago or so [Love’s] cat was killed by getting strangled in her closet of clothes. The poor animal got caught in the stringy and delicate etsy shawls, and all the dangling do-dads in her closet.

Also, the family dog was killed by accidentally eating the pills on the floor…This shit, I DID NOT make up. I’ve held back SO many thoughts on this bitch over the years that I deserve a reward. And I suppose that my little reward is in the KNOWING that this woman just plainly SUCKS in so many ways, on so many levels. Just sayin.

There’s more, about why Lord never clapped back on Love back in the day and about her feelings about Cobain, and you can read it at The Hollywood Reporter. And even though Lord removed the post about Love from her Facebook page, she did share a cover that her daughter did of “Thirteen,” with Lord herself singing backing vocals. Here’s what she wrote:

Sharing again. At least we knew the words, and that’s where it begins. Lesson #1. Know the song. Lesson #2. Put yourself in the middle of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re in tune, bad voice, chords wrong, etc. Just try to know the words enough to not use a lyric sheet…And be honest. Is that too much to ask?

For reference, here’s Courtney Love’s cover of “Thirteen”:

And here’s Annabelle and Mary Lou Lord’s version:

Based on cover quality alone, I think Lord wins this one. Also, I don’t know Lord personally or anything, but I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s one of the most pleasant and lovely musicians I’ve ever talked to. It’s hard to imagine her getting pissed off enough to lash out like this, but, I mean, she had her reasons.

Love also has a memoir coming; HarperCollins is set to publish it this winter.

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