7 Days Of Funk (Snoop Dogg & DāM-FunK) – “Faden Away”

Sometimes, things just make sense. Snoop Dogg, despite his inescapable goofball pop-culture presence, is a certifiable rap legend with two decades in the game. He’s also a restless wandering-spirit type, given to projects like an entire reggae album, and a devotee of old-school synth-funk. DāM-FunK, meanwhile, has made his name by perfecting an auteurist take on old-school synth-funk, and he got his start as a studio musician who played on G-funk records by Snoops peers. So it’s only appropriate that both artists have now teamed up and formed a duo that they’re calling 7 Days Of Funk.

The self-titled first 7 Days Of Funk album is coming later this year, and it’s Snoop’s first album with one single producer since he and Dr. Dre made Doggystyle in 1993. For the occasion, Snoop has (again) changed his name, going under the moniker Snoopzilla, as an homage to Bootsy Collins. Below, check out “Faden Away,” their first single together. It’s a six-minute bleary-eyed Zapp-keyboard odyssey, and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

7 Days Of Funk is out 12/10 on Stones Throw.