Willis Earl Beal – “Babble On.” & “Coriander Tree Life”

Right about now, the folk-soul brother Willis Earl Beal is two months into his album-release cycle; he dropped the new one Nobody knows. in September. But over the weekend, he threw two new songs, the gospel-inflected “Babble On.” and the synth-dazed “Coriander Tree Life,” up online. The two songs sure seem like they could come from the Nobody knows. album sessions, given their higher-but-still-crackly fidelity and the mystic, expansive air they share with the album tracks. But in the YouTube description, Beal unhelpfully writes that they’re “Recorded and produced by Nobody at Nowhere during Never.” So maybe the songs don’t exist! But no, they do, they’re below.

Nobody knows. is out 9/10 on XL.