Watch A Kid Interview Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss

Kids Interview Bands is a self-explanatory concept, but here are a few extra details: It’s a video series in which longtime music writer Chip Midnight’s seventh-grade daughter Olivia and her friend Connie chat with bands ranging from the predictably kid-friendly (Matt And Kim, Tegan And Sara) to the not-so-obviously kid-friendly (Queens Of The Stone Age, Ghost B.C.). They’ve done more than 100 of these in the past year, the latest of which features Olivia flying solo to interview Sleigh Bells singer Alexis Krauss backstage in Columbus. As usual, the conversation veers into topics your average rock scribe would not touch, including daydreams, favorite teachers, recalling the names of all five Spice Girls, and Krauss’ hypothetical biopic. (Spoiler alert: It’d be called Kraussing Around and star bandmate Derek Miller in drag as Krauss). Watch the preciousness unfold below.

Sleigh Bells’ Bitter Rivals is out now via Mom & Pop.