Metronomy – “I’m Aquarius”

Metronomy is Joe Mount, a British singer and producer who always seems to be billed near the top at festivals over there. Next year, he’ll release the new album Love Letters. First single “I’m Aquarius” is a soft, skeletal thump that exists at some imaginary midpoint between Drake and Mount Eerie, if you can picture such a thing. To get the song, you can use the app Night Sky, which helps you figure out what you’re looking at when you look at the stars; you can get the song if you use it to find Aquarius. Or you can save yourself some trouble and just listen to the Soundcloud embed. The song, and the album’s tracklist, are below.

01 “The Upsetter”
02 “I’m Aquarius”
03 “Monstrous”
04 “Love Letters”
05 “Month Of Sundays”
06 “Boy Racers”
07 “Call Me”
08 “The Most Immaculate Haircut”
09 “Reservoir”
10 “Never Wanted”

Love Letters is out 3/10 on Because.

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