Lily Allen – “Hard Out Here” Video

Lily Allen back! The awesomely sneery British pop singer left the game for a few years and had new kids, but she’s primed to make a big return with a new album next year. She’s already covered Keane for a British department-store commercial, and now she’s got her first real single since 2009. It’s called “Hard Out Here,” and it’s an Auto-Tuned pop song that also works as an on-the-nose parody of Auto-Tuned pop songs, or at least the wing of pop culture that produces them. The glossy video, from director Christopher Sweeney, looks at the usual champagne-on-tits music video cliches through the lens of body-image issues and institutional sexism. Watch it below.

Question: When was the last time anyone sincerely poured champagne on a stripper in a music video? 1999?