Androgynous Mind – “Juanita”

Patrick Flegel’s post-Women project Androgynous Mind has been in the works for a bit, but finally their Nightstalker EP will be getting an official release this December. Women’s two full-lengths showed just how unique Flegel was, all ghostly vocals and tumbling out-of-tune guitar lines, and Androgynous Mind builds on those strengths even more. A while back, “Knock On My Door” showed them as a gentler band, one that’s even more pronounced in terms of pop and just general creepiness, and new track “Juanita” builds on that. It’s murkier than “Door,” and never quite builds to that song’s climax, choosing rather to double up on tension over its all too brief run time. Listen below.

The Nightstalker EP is out 12/9 via Faux Discx.