Syd Arthur – “Ode To The Summer” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Syd Arthur – “Ode To The Summer” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Syd Arthur is a band name, not a person. It’s an homage to both Syd (as in Barrett, from Pink Floyd, another band that borrowed its singular name from someone outside the lineup) and Arthur (as in the Kinks concept album). Thus, that fetching longhair slinging a guitar in front of the psychedelic triangle in the “Ode To The Summer” video is named Liam Magill, not Syd Arthur. Get it straight now and impress your friends later when these guys are rocking festivals worldwide.

Magill and his mates are from Canterbury, and they hearken back to that woodsy English town’s 1960s legacy that includes Soft Machine and Gong. Syd Arthur themselves have been kicking around the Canterbury psych-rock party scene for a few years now — check this 2010 Guardian profile for some more context — and they’re releasing their debut LP at last. It’s called On An On, and it arrives next week via Harvest Records. Get yourself a taste by clicking play on director Alaric King’s “Ode To The Summer” video below.

On An On is out 11/26 via Harvest.

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