Lana Del Rey, Mac Miller Producing Crowdfunded Daniel Johnston Movie

Daniel Johnston, the deeply idiosyncratic and cultishly beloved Texas singer/songwriter, has always had a ton of musician fans, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect Lana Del Rey and Mac Miller to number among their ranks. But as the Masked Gorilla reports, the filmmaker Gabriel Sunday is using Kickstarter to help put together a short film called Hi, How Are You, which will feature Johnston, and both Miller and LDR threw a ton of money at it. Miller contributed $10,000 and got an executive producer credit, and he also celebrated by having one of Johnston’s drawings tattooed on his leg. (There’s a picture here.) We don’t know how much Lana Del Rey contributed, but she’s got an executive producer credit, too. And speaking of Lana Del Rey and short films, her biblical-themed movie Tropico is set to debut next month, and we’ve got a new trailer for it below.

Tropico, which kind of looks potentially awesome I think, will be up on Vevo 12/5.