Yo La Tengo, Ira Glass, & Eugene Mirman – “Toymageddon” Video

Yo La Tengo, Ira Glass, & Eugene Mirman – “Toymageddon” Video

Thanks to the iconic Hoboken venue Maxwell’s shutting down, Yo La Tengo’s annual Hanukkah residency is over for good, but that doesn’t mean the band is through with quirky seasonal celebrations. They used this year’s Festival Of Lights as an occasion to share a new post-apocalyptic Christmas song called “Toymageddon” featuring This American Life host Ira Glass and comedy mainstay Eugene Mirman. The song, a musically and comedically stimulating little ditty about the aftermath of a Christmas toy revolt, is the first single from the 2776 comp, a project of The Daily Show’s Rob Kutner and the Levinson brothers pegged as “a musical/comedy journey through 1,000 years of American history, past, present and miserable sci-fi future.” Among the song’s genius moments: Ira Kaplan crooning “In the ultimate war on Christmas/ They roasted our nuts in the fire”; Mirman’s robot overlord intoning “Their missiles were intended for ages 3 and up”; Georgia Hubley emitting sweet coos over the phrase “Armageddon is nigh.” It’ll brighten your morning, so watch it right away.

(via Spin)

2776 is out 7/4/2014, aka the Fourth of July. All proceeds go to the children’s charity OneKid OneWorld. Performers include Will Forte, Ed Helms, Aimee Mann, Andrew W.K., Robert Smigel, Martha Plimpton, Paul F. Tompkins, Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, and many more.

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