Wild Flag Are No Longer

The indie supergroup Wild Flag had a great, albeit short, run: One excellent self-titled album, a year’s worth of face-ripping live shows, a place in the heart of every music dork who worried that they didn’t make bands like that any more. But now, it looks like the run is over.

As FACT points out, drummer Janet Weiss tells the Skinny that the band is pretty much done: “It was great but I think it just kinda ran its course. It’s hard to have a band when you live five hours apart by plane.” That, of course, does not constitute an official breakup, and it leaves room for them to get back together if they feel like it, but that’s it for now.

Wild Flag hadn’t been active since last summer, and the members of the band have been busy. Carrie Brownstein, of course, stars on Portlandia, and she’s a for-real celebrity these days. Weiss has been playing with her long-running duo Quasi; they released their double album Mole City recently. Mary Timony has a new band called Ex Hex, and they’ll release their debut next year. And Rebecca Cole has been touring with Telekinesis. Also worth mentioning: All three members of Sleater-Kinney, Weiss and Brownstein’s old band with Corin Tucker, recently reunited onstage at a Pearl Jam show, to help out with a Neil Young cover. Maybe that was just a one-off, but I am hoping, with all my heart, for something more.