ceo – “My Liquor” (Kanye West Cover)

“Hold My Liquor” is one of the darkest, most despairing selections on Kanye West’s Yeezus, a resplendent lament that somehow synthesizes Justin Vernon’s falsetto croon, an autotuned Chief Keef’s melodic groan, and Ratatat-style frenetic digi-guitar by producer Mike Dean into a coherent composite of sadness. So it’s not the most obvious choice for a cover by Swedish pop auteur Eric Berglund aka CEO. But here he is turning the tune into a cross between a Panda Bear song and a children’s Christmas hymn. Happy holidays?

CEO – “My Liquor (Kanye West Cover)”

CEO’s Wonderland is out 2/4/14 via Modular People, but this song is not on it. In the meantime, can anybody tell what he’s singing in place of the N-word here?

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