Migos – “Hannah Montana” Video

Almost as instantly infectious, incessant, and/or irritating as Migos’ breakout hit “Versace” was the YRN deep cut “Hannah Montana,” an ecstasy song that subbed in white female celebrities’ names (including Katy Perry, Hilary Duff, and, of course, Miley Cyrus) for Molly. It was a funny gimmick, and Dun Deal’s beat was an ideal ball pit for one of this trio’s patented sproing and boing routines. I’ve felt an intense fondness for the crazy, ridiculous thing since the first time I heard it. Like all the best Migos songs, it’s fucking nuts.

Less than a month after “Hannah Montana” hit the internet, Cyrus debuted her new wild child persona, complete with rampant twerking and references to Molly, so the Migos song’s punchline (using an innocent young pop star’s name as drug slang) wasn’t quite so clever anymore. That’s reflected in the updated version of the song that appears in the official video, which somehow milks the Miley reference even more so than the original. Much to my dismay, this re-working lacks the spontaneous energy and natural flow of the original, which you can download for free as part of YRN. It feels like a cold cut-and-paste job, like they cranked out a novelty hit to cash in on a stupid trend when in actuality they wrote a genius slap-happy rap track. On the plus side, there’s a prelude in which three female carolers turn “Hannah Montana” into a Christmas song, so the video isn’t a complete shitshow. Watch below.

YRN is out now, and YRN2 is bound to hit us any day now.

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