Watch Lou Reed’s Parrot Zik Headphones Commercial

Watch Lou Reed’s Parrot Zik Headphones Commercial

We’ve mentioned several times that Lou Reed’s last public act before his death was that glowing review of Yeezus. His last filmed interview, though, was part of an ad campaign for Parrot Zik headphones. As Parrot CEO Henri Seydoux explains:

A few months ago, I asked Lou Reed for his opinion. He told me that the headphones were well tuned for classical music but not for rock. And he told me he could help. So on September 30th, 2013, I travelled to his studio in New York; it would be the last time I would see him.

In the resulting commercial/teaser video below, Reed offers a few big-picture observations about the nature of recorded sound, such as “Hip-hop has thunderous bass, and so does Beethoven.” It’s not super revelatory, but it’s nice to hear the man speak one last time. Watch it below.

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