Matthew Dear (Feat. Tegan And Sara) – “Pale Shelter” (Tears For Fears Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

Matthew Dear (Feat. Tegan And Sara) – “Pale Shelter” (Tears For Fears Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

We just heard Tears For Fears add to their pile of modern indie covers with a take on Animal Collective’s “My Girls.” Now here are some modern indie musicians covering Tears For Fears. The team of Matthew Dear plus Tegan And Sara has tackled the 1983 single “Pale Shelter,” a shimmering New Wave gem with a foundation of groovy bass. Dear’s version is even more shimmering, with the reverberations rippling all the way to the low registers, and as you’d expect after Heartthrob, the Quin sisters can do justice to just about any ’80s hit. On balance it’s an immensely pleasurable tribute. Here are statements about it from Sara Quin and Dear:

We have been heavily influenced by Tears For Fears’ impressive body of work and it was an honor to create a new version of one of our favorite songs. Matthew Dear immediately came to mind as an exciting collaborator and we were delighted when he said yes! Matthew had suggested we try a vocal riff off the top of the song, and I think it adds a nice signature and melody to the final track.
– Sara Quin, Tegan and Sara

I’ve been a fan of Tears For Fears for quite some time. When Tegan & Sara approached me to be involved with the project, my answer of “Yes!” was easy to come by. Many of today’s artists have been greatly influenced by Tears For Fears, and it was an honor to try and do the song justice. This cover also gave me the opportunity to work with Tegan & Sara from the start to finish of a song. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of crafting the music around their vocals, and working closely with them on the final mix and feeling of the song.
– Matthew Dear

Thoroughly enjoy “Pale Shelter” yourself below.

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