Watch Kanye Sing About Michael Jordan’s Wizards Years For Four Minutes

I finally made it to a Yeezus Tour stop last night in Detroit, and I was treated to what must have been his longest post-“Runaway” rant of the year, a loping discourse that touched on all his favorite topics (Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, Nike holding back the Air Yeezys, following your dreams, the media framing him as a lunatic for giving you the truth) over the course of what must have been 25-30 minutes. It also included a nugget about how Yeezus really just means “Yeez is us” because we’re all in this together. But that’s not the monologue we’ve got for you today! Today we bring you three minutes of Kanye melodically ruminating in Auto-Tune to a Chicago crowd about Michael Jordan’s legacy in Chicago and how they never should have let him play for the Washington Wizards. Different MJ than we’re used to hearing about from Kanye! Watch the clip below.

(via HuffPo)

In other Kanye news, Pitchfork points out that in the same interview where he responded to allegations of anti-Semitism, he expressed the desire to record with Frank Ocean, the Weeknd, and James Blake soon. Notably, only one of those three artists was born in the U.S.A.