Watch Carlos Santana Reunite With Homeless Ex-Bandmate On San Francisco Local News

Marcus Malone was a percussionist in the original Santana Blue Band in the late ’60s, but he parted ways with the band in 1969 because of some personal problems, just before Santana performed at Woodstock and became hugely popular. Around the same time, Malone did some prison time and lost contact with Santana. These days, Malone is homeless, and a reporter from a local Bay Area news station recently interviewed Malone as he was digging through garbage. Carlos Santana, who’d been trying to reconnect with Malone for years, saw the news report and then spent days unsuccessfully driving around the Bay Area looking for him. Finally, he contacted the news station, who hooked him back up with Malone and caught the reunion on camera. It’s a really nice moment, and you can watch it below.

In a follow-up CNN interview, Santana says that he’s setting Malone up in an apartment and that he’s planning to record with him and the other members of his original band on his new album.