Hear Kim Shattuck And Ali Koehler Discuss Getting Fired From The Pixies And Best Coast On Jonah Raydio

Muffs leader Kim Shattuck was recently, unceremoniously, unapologetically dismissed from the Pixies, notified by the band’s manager. Upset leader Ali Koehler was let go as the drummer of Best Coast in 2011, also notified by band management. Both fired bandmates appeared on Jonah Ray Rodrigues’ Nerdist podcast Jonah Raydio last week and discussed their departures in frank terms. (Shattuck says Pixies’ manager was clueless about managing people and kept trying to make her nervous; Koehler says of her Best Coast experience: “I’m a punk drummer and not like a Microsoft Windows 8 drummer.”) Hear the podcast here.

Upset’s She’s Gone is out now on Don Giovanni, and a new Muffs album is expected in the Spring.