Here Are The Musical Sketches From Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake’s Christmas SNL

Christmastime has given us some classic Saturday Night Live episodes over the years. This past weekend’s show, hosted by ex-cast member and future Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, was not one of the them. Joining Fallon was the dangerously overexposed triple threat Justin Timberlake. It was the highest rated SNL in years, though, and there were many music-related moments, so let’s talk about them.

The cold open featured Fallon and Timberlake in another “Bring it all down to ____ville” sketch, this one about gift wrapping, featuring parodies of Gotye, Run-D.M.C., and Macklemore…

Fallon’s monologue saw him doing impressions of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney. And then Paul McCartney showed up…

On to Celebrity Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson). The impressions of Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer, Alyson Hannigan. Jane Lynch, and Ice T — plus Brooks Wheelan as himself — were fine. Instead of impersonating Jim Parsons, Jimmy Fallon did an impression of Jim Parsons’ Big Bang Theory character, which was a little strange. Timberlake was cast as Fallon and that caused the host to crack up.

“(Do It On My) Twin Bed” is a funny digital short/song about awkward holiday hookups in your childhood bedroom.

Last month I predicted that the Barry Gibb Talk Show would not return because Robin died last year. I was wrong! The real Barry Gibb made an appearance at the end of this one, maybe to indicate that he was cool with Fallon and Timberlake’s characters continuing. I wonder what percentage of SNL’s 18-34 audience knows who Barry Gibb is? Anyway, this had an awkward Madonna cameo, and you can watch that below.

JT did “Only When I Walk Away,” a song from his flop 20/20 sequel. There were lasers.

Weekend Update had NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a joke about Kelly Videogum’s mom’s cousin’s haunted house. Seth Meyers won’t be on the show much longer, since he’s the new host of Late Night.

Waking Up With Kimye returned with Jay Pharaoh and Nasim Pedrad as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. This one had Kardashian Kristmas Karolers, a gingerbread nightclub, and a yuletide parody of the “Bound 2” video.

Next up was a Now That’s What I Call Christmas album commercial. Fallon and the cast did impressions of artists including Shakira, Zooey Deschanel, DMX, Alanis Morrisette with Billie Joe Armstrong, Lorde with Harry Styles, and Pitbull. I generally love these album commercial parodies, but random, dated inclusions (Alan Rickman?) can ruin it. I am a grinch, I know.

There was a Christmas Carol sketch in which the whole joke was that Scrooge was gay. This was not a musical sketch, but here it is anyway…

Fallon and Cecily Strong did a modern take on “Baby It’s Cold Outside” that was cute.

Timberlake pretended to play guitar for his second song, “Pair Of Wings.”

And Drake will be the host and musical guest 1/18. Merry Christmas!