TEETH – “Eat Spit”

Emerging from the post-Myspace era in late 2009, UK band Teeth made a name for themselves by rather infamously hacking Lady Gaga’s Twitter account and causing all kinds of trouble online. (Most recently, they impersonated the Pope on Twitter.) After releasing their underrated electro-punk debut Whatever in 2011 and snagging a spot touring with fellow buzz band noise enthusiasts Sleigh Bells, they promptly fell off the map. The trio is back with “Eat Spit,” which embraces more of a DFA/industrial electronic vibe and leaves most of the noisier elements of their earlier stuff behind. There’s no news of a sophomore release yet, but an interview with Vice indicates that they’ve been working on it for a while, so there’s a good chance it’ll come out sometime this year. Listen below.

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