Clipse Working On New Album

Clipse, the duo of Virginia Beach brother Pusha T and Malice, were responsible for some of the best rap music of the last decade. But after releasing 2009’s Till The Casket Drops, Pusha T went solo and signed up with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, finally releasing the great solo album My Name Is My Name last year, while Malice had a religious awakening and changed his name to No Malice. Push and Mal reunited on the song “Shame The Devil” last year, but we hadn’t heard any rumbles about a full-on reunion until today. Pusha has recently been posting Instagram pictures of himself in the studio with the Neptunes, who jointly produced the first two amazing Clipse albums. And now Karen Civil reports that the two brothers are back together, working on a new independent album. On his Facebook, Pusha linked to the Karen Civil report, more or less confirming it.