Girls To Feature New Songs By Beck, Lily Allen, Miguel, Jenny Lewis

HBO’s great Lena Dunham show Girls, which happily returns this Sunday, doesn’t have one of those O.C. reputations as a show that breaks bands, but the show has gotten sneaky-good at using music over its last two seasons (other than that one part where we were supposed to believe that people dance to Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez at Bushwick warehouse parties). Last season, the show debuted a few new songs like Santigold’s “Girls,” and it helped Icona Pop’s “We Love It” along the way to cultural dominance, thanks to a coked-up nightclub-freakout scene. On the next season, music might be even more of a focus, if music supervisor Manish Raval has anything to say about it, and he’s also said what song was almost used in place of “I Love It.”

In a interview, Raval says that the show used Icona Pop’s song only after Rihanna wouldn’t grant permission to use “Talk That Talk” — which means Icona Pop, at least in part, owe their stateside career to Rihanna. That’s pretty weird! The new season, Raval says, will feature all-new original songs from Miguel, Lily Allen, and Jenny Lewis, as well as a song from Beck’s new album Morning Phase, which will appear on the show before the album is out. He also says that “a big chunk of an episode is based around a Harry Nilsson song,” which sound awesome.

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