Bear In Heaven – “The Green”

Earlier this month we told you about the Everything Is New Project, a pair of benefit albums for India’s “untouchable” Dalit class organized by the Scottish record label and arts collective Transgressive North. One is a guest-laden collection called Sun Choir by the Scottish band Marram; the other is a compilation called BOATS. Today we hear Bear In Heaven’s contribution to the BOATS album, which also features Rustie, No Age, Deerhoof, Dan Deacon, Four Tet, and many more. Bear In Heaven’s track is a bassy and ominous digital gurgle called “The Green.” It culminates with a refrain — “You’re all that I think about” — that might scan as reassuring or haunting depending on your mood. Hear it below.

BOATS is out today via Transgressive North. It’s available through Bandcamp is not to be confused with B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time.