Mark McGuire – “In Search Of The Miraculous (Shinji Masuko Remix)”

One of our earliest previews of ex-Emeralds member Mark McGuire’s forthcoming Along The Way was “In Search Of The Miraculous,” a song seemingly explicitly designed for inspirational documentary footage of airplanes taking off, or possibly forest creatures waking up for the day. (I mean that in a good way; it’s as lovely an instrumental as McGuire’s given us.) Now that song has a remix by Boredoms/DMBQ member Shinji Masuko that adds stunning low-end reverberations, active percussion, and psych-rock guitaras to the original’s sunshine shimmer. By essentially transforming it into a Boredoms song, Masuko’s done right by this piece of music. Hear it below in what you might call a lyric video if the song had any lyrics.

Along The Way is out 2/4 on Dead Oceans.