Darkside (Feat. Tamara) – “Things Behind The Sun” (Nick Drake Cover)

The spacey, proggy downtempo duo Darkside has two members, and it turns out that both of them are perfectly capable of putting together a satisfying, in-the-zone DJ mix. Nicolas Jaar, one half of the group, was already an electronic producer of some renown before he joined the group, so we know he can do things like this. But his partner, guitarist Dave Harrington, recently put together an hour-long mix for Modular’s Modcast podcast, and it is a very serious thing, pulling in tracks from people like David Lynch and Gang Gang Dance and Laurie Anderson (often in remixed form) and blending them all into a cohesive whole. The mix starts with a special surprise, too: An unreleased Darkside cover of Nick Drake’s “Things Behind The Sun,” a fragile fingerpicked folk song from the beyond-classic 1972 Pink Moon album. Darkside’s version, recorded with the singer Tamara, has the same sense of calm contemplation as the original, but it brings it fully into the group’s planetarium-music sound. Download that track, and/or stream the entire mix, below.

Darkside (Feat Tamara) – “Things Behind The Sun” (Nick Drake Cover)

(via Modular)

Psychic is out now on Other People/Matador.