Riff Raff – “I Shoulda Won A Grammy” (Feat. Action Bronson)

“I shoulda won a Grammy” is the sort of overblown, ridiculous, vaguely facetious statement that Riff Raff lives to make. But in a year when Macklemore won just about every rap Grammy, it’s a hard claim to dispute. Shortly after this year’s ceremony, Riff Raff gave the world the ridiculously catchy and absurdly referential new track “I Shoulda Won A Grammy,” and now Riff’s shit-talking buddy Action Bronson has jumped on the track for a quick verse. These two share a rare chemistry (see: “Bird On A Wire“), so anytime they team up, it’s good news. Before hitting play, see if you can figure out which one namechecks Rick Moranis and which one mentions Tony Kukoc. Listen below.

Riff’s album Neon Icon is supposedly coming sometime this year on Mad Decent.