Nike’s “Red October” Air Yeezys Sold Out In Minutes, But You Can Get Them On eBay For $8k

Kanye West’s relationship with Nike has always been contentious, and he recently announced that he’s leaving the sneaker brand behind and starting up a partnership with Adidas instead. But Kanye’s Air Yeezy Nikes have long been a top prize for people who pay close attention to sneakers, and his Yeezy 2 is a sort of sneaker-fiend holy grail. Yesterday, Nike pulled a Beyoncé, suddenly releasing the limited-edition “Red October” version of the Yeezy 2 at its Nike Shop website. The shoes immediately sold out, since there are apparently people who just sit around and click “refresh” on Nike Shop all day.

NiceKicks reports that the “sneaker community,” which is a thing, had no idea the shoe release was coming. The “Red October” colorway, which Kanye wore on SNL last year, was believed to be canceled, but Nike announced its release on Twitter, and every pair immediately disappeared. At this point, pairs of the shoes are selling on eBay for dizzying prices; this pair, for example, has an asking price of $7,999. Apparently, we’re all in the wrong racket.

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