Silversun Pickups – “Cannibal” Video & Kimmel Performance

The big news in late-night TV last night was Jimmy Fallon’s blockbuster debut as the host of The Tonight Show. But other things were happening in late night, too. Like: Kimmel had Silversun Pickups! The L.A. fuzz-rock band played on Kimmel’s big outdoor stage, and if that’s not quite the same thing as U2 playing on the 30 Rock rooftop, at least it’s something. Silversun Pickups have a career-spanning compilation called The Singles Collection arriving next week, and they played its one new track, “Cannibal,” as well as their starry-eyed 2007 single “Lazy Eye,” the closest thing this band has to a classic. Kimmel’s YouTube channel also debuted the band’s “Cannibal” video, which has a whole lot of artfully photographed people running in terror from some unseen evil. Watch the video and both performances below.

The Singles Collection is out 2/25 on Dangerbird.