The Coathangers – “Follow Me” Video (Feat. Mastodon)

The Coathangers and Mastodon are two Atlanta bands full of heavily tattooed badasses, but all of the Coathangers are women, and all the members of Mastodon are about as hilariously, stereotypically male as you can get. So it’s fun to see the members of Mastodon dressing up as Coathangers so they can shamelessly mug and ineptly lip-sync their way through the Coathangers’ video for their serrated single “Follow Me.” There’s also a person in a horse costume playing accordion? I have no idea. But the video is a goofy low-budget blast, and it builds to an out-of-nowhere punchline that had me guffawing like an idiot for probably too long. Newmerica directs. Watch it below.

The Coathangers’ new album Suck My Shirt is out 3/18 on Suicide Squeeze.