Son Lux & Lorde – “Easy (Switch Screens)”

Son Lux & Lorde – “Easy (Switch Screens)”

Up until now Son Lux’s most famous collaborator was Sufjan Stevens — they’re both part of Sisyphus along with Serengeti — but it’s hard to think of too many musicians bigger than Lorde in 2014. And now that New Zealand’s young pop conqueror has appeared on an official reworking of Son Lux’s Lanterns highlight “Easy,” which she covered at home in New Zealand and again last night in Austin, I have to believe Lux will be getting a lot more looks. (He deserves it, too; when I caught one of the shows on his tour, I was astounded at the way he and his band breathe violent life into the Lanterns material). The creeping, clattering, Lorde-featuring “Easy (Switch Screens)” is part of the forthcoming Son Lux remix EP Alternate Worlds. Hear it below.

Alternate Worlds is out 5/27 via Joyful Noise. Pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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