A.C. Newman – “Be Not So Fearful” (Bill Fay Cover)

You wouldn’t expect there to be much crossover between grim, violent, zombie-apocalypse scenarios and warm, sprightly power-pop, and yet here we have New Pornographers frontman A.C. Newman contributing a song to the soundtrack of The Walking Dead. Newman has tempered his natural instincts toward chipperness on his contribution, a cover of Bill Fay’s 1970’s folk-pop classic “Be Not So Fearful,” but it leaks through anyway. And the sentiment is a bit weird for this show, which exists in a reality where you absolutely have to be so fearful all the time or you will be killed in some disgusting way. Listen to Newman’s take on the song at the 11:45 mark of the video below.

The Walking Dead Original Soundtrack, Vol. 2 EP is out 3/25 on Republic.