Stream Saintseneca Dark Arc

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces of DIY folk experimentalists Saintseneca’s ANTI- debut Dark Arc since way back in September. Now, six months later, the album is finally streaming in all its stomping, sing-songy splendor. Dark Arc shines in all the ways Saintseneca always has — gorgeous harmonies, rampant strumming, glimpses of both humanity’s fragility and power — but it also finds the band branching out into fuller arrangements and wilder instrumentation. (Wilder, even, than the plastic trash can they used to beat on.) It’s what an underground folk band stepping into the spotlight should sound like. Those who dug “Uppercutter” and “Visions” will find a dozen more tracks to dig into at NPR.

Dark Arc is out 4/1 on ANTI-. Pre-order here.

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