Chance The Rapper – “Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)”

We’ve been hearing all sorts of Chance The Rapper collaborations lately, but it’s about time for new solo material. And what do you know, Chancelor Bennett is back up in this bitch! Produced by the Social Experiment, his live band, “Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)” was made in Chance’s home studio, hence the title. The beat is jubilant, funky, raw, at least until the symphonic flourishes wash in to carry it home. Our hero engages in the kinds of snarling outbursts you’d usually associate with Mystikal and rhapsodically wheezes a la Young Thug. Still, it only takes a few seconds to realize this could only be Chance. Press play and enjoy.

Will we see a new Chance The Rapper full-length this year? Let’s hope so.

[Photo by Josh Brasted/Wireimage.]