Newly Unearthed Photos Show Kurt & Courtney’s Gross L.A. Apartment

Lately we’ve seen photos of Kurt Cobain’s childhood home in Aberdeen as well as new images from the scene of his death in Seattle. Why not some photos of Cobain and Courtney Love’s gross Los Angeles apartment too? As The New York Daily News reports, newly released stills document the mess Cobain and Love left behind after moving out of their Fairfax apartment in 1992. The images of the trashed apartment include a VHS of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” a withered rose, a letter from Congressman Henry Waxman, unopened mail, business cards, Smarties, pill bottles, graffiti tributes to Nation Of Ulysses and Matador Records’ Gerard Cosloy, and, uncomfortably, a burnt spoon possibly used to shoot heroin. See the photos here.