Bleachers – “I Wanna Get Better (Vince Clarke Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

In my Week In Pop column I’ve twice noted my appreciation for “I Wanna Get Better,” the lead single from Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff’s new project Bleachers. Antonoff has concocted an aesthetic that manages to sound simultaneously retro and futuristic, and he aims to trigger the pop-pleasure synapses without merely courting the lowest common denominator. The song is great. Apparently Vince Clarke of Erasure and Depeche Mode is a fan as well; regarding his keyboard-heavy remix of Antonoff’s track, Clarke opines: “Great song.. this guy should seriously consider a career in the music industry.” Clarke’s got jokes, but, as ever, he’s also got synths. He’s given Bleachers’ frantic digital-age rock anthem a rippling, squelching makeover that curbs the original’s sonic claustrophobia without undercutting its intensity. Antonoff offered his own appreciation for Clarke’s work:

it’s wild to work with someone who is one of the reasons you make work in the first place. john hill and I would have a lot of ‘this should be a vince clarke type synth sound’ in the studio – and having vince be the guy we went to was far out.

Check out the remix below.

The Bleachers album is expected later this year via RCA.