Seattle PD’s Latest Unearthed Kurt Cobain Photos Are Gruesome

For the last 20 years, since Kurt Cobain’s body was first found, rumors have swirled that his death was not a suicide but a murder. In an effort to dispel those rumors and to finally put the case to bed forever, the Seattle Police Department has been releasing photos of the crime scene. It feels like a gross violation to look at these, and you can’t unsee them, but most of us, if we’re being honest, have pictured the scene in our heads more than once, and there’s a certain morbid curiosity in seeing the actual setting. The latest set of crime-scene photos will make you feel just awful. We don’t see any bullet wounds or anything, but certain details are enough to evoke serious despair: A Converse-clad foot with a box of shotgun shells next to it, a hospital bracelet next to that K Records tattoo, a cigar box full of heroin paraphernalia. If you must see the photos for yourself, they’re over at the New York Daily News.

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