The Coachella Diet Is A Thing

In an effort to look like they’re not trying at all by trying too hard, Coachella attendees and fitness trainers Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom (who created Pound, a workout regimen where you use drumsticks instead of weights) have come up with “Cut By Coachella,” a 30-day diet that aims to make sure that you have a great Coachella bod. Festival fashion (and the crop tops that come from it) has become massive in the past few years since everyone’s backyard seems to have a festival nowadays and trend pieces have highlighted the good and the bad. An article from lifestyle blog Well+Good sheds some light on the effort to cut calories for the grandfather of modern festivals. One 22-year-old who is going to the festival for the seventh time said, “There’s more competition style-wise now. The number of Coachella virgins increases every year, and, if anything, they’re really into the image aspect.”

With the festival just a week away, festival dieters are in crunch mode. “I don’t change my diet as much as I exercise more before it,” one of the creators of the diet said. “I’ll do more yoga, SoulCycle, and Physique 57 classes. I step up on the late nights of dancing to get in the practice, too.” There’s even a Twitter for the diet with some questionable tweets including “So, if you’re a fat chick & you go to Coachella, what’s the point?” and “Anyone know how many calories are in this Molly?” The whole idea of crash dieting for just a weekend (or two) is icky — there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good when you’re going to be seen by thousands of people, but just throw on a floral headband and some high-waisted shorts and don’t make a big deal out of it. With the festival industrial complex only growing, these kinds of diets could become commonplace.

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