Oscar – “Sometimes” (Stereogum Premiere)

Oscar Scheller, the highly promising London laptop indie-pop auteur whose “Open Up” demo we posted last month, just signed to Brown Rice, a new boutique label affiliated with Smalltown Supersound. His 146b EP — named for his bedroom studio — is coming next month. That’s the artwork above by Francesca Allen. Here’s what he has to say about 146b:

I’m really excited to announce the release of my first EP. It’s called ‘146b’ because that’s the name I’ve given the studio in my bedroom. Since we last spoke, I have finished my art degree, had a job at my local launderette, been on the dole and have read lots of books (most by Douglas Coupland). I’ve been in and out of studios, attempted high-fidelity, but it all came back to the demo sound which no one could beat or master. For me, recording is an incredibly intimate and cathartic process. It’s the sonic equivalent of meditation or sculpting. A lot of the time the music unfolds in an organic and often spontaneous manner and the writing occurs simultaneous with the recording. I did have a go at making a ‘posh studio’ record but it felt inherently disingenuous and inappropriate and frankly none of my demo sounds had been beaten. I don’t mind being a bedroom producer if it means the music can stay strong and unflinching, uncompromising. A bit like me. I hope we both get to know each other better and really hope you enjoy it.

Today Oscar unveils “Sometimes,” the first single from 146b. Whereas “Open Up” emphasized the influence of Magnetic Fields’ maudlin synth-pop, this tune leans more heavily on his love for Blur’s rowdier side. It seems Oscar has a taste for the old Parklife. And hell, if Damon Albarn is going to play hard to get in regard to a new Blur album, maybe we ought to shift our attention Oscar’s way. Thanks to sing-songy female backing vocals that tastefully round out Oscar’s baritone moan, “Sometimes” also evokes the best of Beat Happening, though that band’s beats were rarely as happening as this sprightly guitar-driven rave-up. Listen below.

146b is out 5/4 via Brown Rice.

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