Lust For Youth – “Illume” Video

The first track we heard off Lust For Youth’s forthcoming International was, to me, a revelation: “Epoetin Alfa” represented a huge step forward for the band. Here the Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide (and his growing supporting cast) presented a much warmer, more synth-pop-based sound than the soft drone we’d come to expect, this new sound very much in the timeless vein of New Order, Depeche Mode, or the Pet Shop Boys. Now LFY have released another cut from International, called “Illume,” and I dunno if it’s the 75-degree weather in NYC or what, but I swear listening to this thing is like an explosion of sunlight behind my eyes. It’s such a perfect, gorgeous pop song. I have a feeling this is gonna be a pretty terrific album! Anyway, the video was directed by Cali Thornhill Dewitt, and stars Norrvide alongside collaborator Loke Rahbek (Var, the Posh Isolation label, Sexdrome, etc.), and the two men were given no direction beyond, “Look beautiful.” Said Dewitt of the video: “The concept of this was simple. My subjects were/are very attractive people, so I decided to pair them with attractive landscapes. We shot the whole thing in one 24 hour period, and Loke and Hannes were very comfortable dressed in their Cary Grant suits.” They do indeed look beautiful, and the song sounds beautiful, and why wouldn’t you want such beauty in your life right now?

International is out 6/10 via Sacred Bones.