Courtney Barnett – “Anonymous Club” Video

Clever Australian rocker Courtney Barnett didn’t make it into my Sunday Coachella roundup, but only because I didn’t have long enough to watch her before jetting off to see Chance The Rapper. From the couple songs I did see, I’ll say this: Barnett is way more multifaceted than I gathered from “Avant Gardener” — that is, she can do much more than just quirky, comedic, and upbeat. “Anonymous Club,” for which she released a video today, demonstrates that versatility. The song itself is a faintly glimmering slowcore slow-burn from Barnett’s 2013 release The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas built around the romantic refrain “Thank you for cooking for me/ I had a really nice evening/ Just you and me.” The animated video by Celeste Potter adds a layer of intrigue to a song that brilliantly captures a moment of intense emotional connection and longing. Watch below.

(via The Quietus)

The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas gets its official US release today via Mom + Pop.