Aaron Paul Ended Up At Coachella After All — He Was The Pope Onstage With Arcade Fire

Last week we heard about Aaron Paul’s quest to get paid by some corporate sponsor for attending Coachella just like Lea Michele and Vanessa Hudgens. Looks like Paul, who is a huge festival fan and met his wife at a past Coachella, ended up at last weekend’s festivities after all. As CoS points out, Scott Rodger of Quest Management posted a couple photos of Paul from Indio, including one where he’s holding Arcade Fire’s pope bobblehead (visible above). Apparently, Paul was the one under that mask during Arcade Fire’s fantastic headlining set. Paul also posted this photo of he and his wife with Ellie Goulding to his own account:

Paul could make a pretty lucrative career out of showing up in unexpected places, Where’s Waldo-style.