Owen Pallett – “Song For Five & Six” Video

The Canadian art-pop auteur and violin virtuoso Owen Pallett will release his new album In Conflict, and “Song For Five & Six,” which rides a wriggling John Carpenter-esque synth oscillation to some unexpected places, is the latest album song that Pallett has shared, after “The Riverbed” and “On A Path.” Director Jeff Scheven’s video for “Song For Five & Six” has dancers from Canada’s National Ballet School performing an intense, graceful, emotive dance that Robert Binet, Choreographic Assistant of the National Ballet Of Canada, choreographed. I know basically nothing about ballet, but I found it to be pretty entrancing. Watch the video below.

After a two-week release-date delay, In Conflict is now out 5/27 on Domino. I miss Bunheads.